Are there any restrictions on what type of insurance can be used for international shipments of motorcycles?

Your personal motorcycle insurance won't cover your vehicle while you move it. All moving companies are required to have liability insurance for their company, but it most likely won't cover the full value of your motorcycle. Before selecting your moving company, be sure to ask them what their motorcycle insurance limit is. When you ship a motorcycle, whether in or out of the country, your personal policy won't cover it.

To protect each expensive vehicle from damage or loss, the transportation company usually offers a minimum amount of insurance. The good news is that carriers specialized in transporting motorcycles abroad will inform you of all the documents you need to prepare. If you choose to purchase this motorcycle shipping insurance, be sure to review the policy's exclusions. Performance Plus Global is one of those logistics companies that offers insurance for the shipment of motorcycles of any value.

Generally, motorcycles or dirt bikes can be shipped as a separate privately owned vehicle (POV) or in an HHG shipment. Therefore, while technically cheaper, shipping is a situational transportation method for international motorcycle shipping. Using an international agent specialized in the transport and transportation of motorcycles can greatly help to eliminate the tension generated by the two previous points. But it doesn't have to be that way; it's often much easier than you think, there are specialized companies that can do all the work for you, and this complete guide to international motorcycle shipping will explain everything you need to know.

Many international motorcycle transport companies will tell you that maritime transport is the safest and possibly the best option.

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