How does motorcycle shipping work?

Motorcycles are shipped in an open trailer or an enclosed trailer. Contact a transportation company to schedule the pick-up and delivery of your motorcycle and ensure that it reaches its destination safely. When you need to ship your motorcycle from point A to point B, you have three main options. You can go the DIY route.

You can hire a general cargo carrier. Or you can choose a company that specializes in shipping motorcycles exclusively. Each comes with its own risks and rewards. An enclosed trailer protects your motorcycle from road debris and the weather, making it the safest way to transport your bike.

Or maybe you want to attend one of the many motorcycle rallies but don't have enough time to ride your bike both ways. We recommend that you request quotes from several motorcycle transport companies so that you have several prices to choose from. By asking specific questions about the service, you can get a clearer idea of the transportation company's requirements, protocols, and rates for shipping your motorcycle. Actually, there aren't many ways to reduce the costs of shipping motorcycles, since what you have to do is make sure that the bike doesn't suffer too much damage during the trip.

While the safe arrival of your precious motorcycle to its new destination depends largely on the carrier you choose, you should take some steps to fully prepare your motorcycle for the trip. Another reason you might want to ship your motorcycle is if you're going to sell it to a buyer elsewhere. Keep in mind that some motorcycle transport companies are brokerage agencies, which means that they hire other companies to complete their deliveries and the person who shows up to pick up your bike may have a different logo on their truck. You may be giving up control of the shipping process by using a service instead of doing it yourself, but in the end, high-quality motorcycle carriers will offer you a simple and safe experience that will save you time and hassle.

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