Are there any restrictions on what type of documents can be used for international shipments of motorcycles?

An original certificate of title (or a certified copy of the original). The importer of a motorcycle helmet must submit an HS-7 declaration form to customs upon entry if the helmet is manufactured for road use. To be imported without restrictions, the motorcycle helmet must be manufactured according to the FMVSS number. Such a helmet is indicated in box 2A of the HS-7 declaration form.

When you import motorcycles, you need to find an accredited international motorcycle transportation company to help you move your imports. But it doesn't have to be that way; it's often much easier than you think, there are specialized companies that can do all the work for you, and this complete guide to international motorcycle shipping will explain everything you need to know. In this form, you will find a list of international shipping details, which also includes a tracking number to control the imports of your motorcycles. Using an agent specialized in international motorcycle transport and transport can greatly help to eliminate the tension generated by the two previous points.

Air Freight Cost Considerations When shipping a motorcycle overseas by air, it's much more expensive than shipping containers. When shipping using the roll-on roll-off method, there are some restrictions and it is much less secure than shipping containers.

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