Monday, 25 July 2016
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WELCOME to the latest revision of Midwest Auction Block.  Where we offer you the best Auction listings, complete with sale bills and full color pictures.  Now with the added feature of a convenient “search” function, that will allow you to find that special item you have been looking for!  

Or, in the very near future you can check out our “Live Internet Auction” where you can buy and sell to anyone in the world!  Like the famous “Ebay” site, you too can sell your unneeded items for some extra cash.  Watch for it coming soon, and see how fast and easy it can be turn your unwanted items into $$$$.

For those of you who prefer to list your sale items in a classifieds section, we also have that available, and it’s completely FREE!  List that old refrigerator or extra TV that you don’t use anymore, but still works great.  Our classified section will connect buyers with sellers to benefit everyone!